Welcome to the Super Nanny website!

Super Nanny is aimed at children of expats living in Mumbai. The expats often have Nannies that take care of the children during the day. However, these nannies have a very different culture and background than the expats. Because of this the children are often not raised according to the values of the parents, but more according to the values of the nannies. Super Nanny wants to change that!

If you are an expat with children and you have the feeling that your children are not taught your values, you have came to the right address.


Super Nanny works closely together with the nannies for a few days. During these days the nanny is taught how to keep the development of the children as a centre in everything that she does. In addition she will learn activities and handling the children in a way that fits the values of yourself. On the page Approach you can find more about how Super Nanny works.

About Super Nanny

Super Nanny is run by Marleen Vinke. Marleen has completed her pedagogic education in the Netherlands and has years of experience working with children from different ages. Currently she is running Super Nanny and working in an orphanage called Bal Anand as a volunteer. Working with children is her calling in life. For more information on Marleen and her motivation, please have a look at the About Me page.

Free Intake meeting

If you have the feeling that Super Nanny might be for you. Please contact use on the contact page for a Free intake meeting. In this meeting we will discuss your wishes and work out a plan how to achieve these goals.